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  • (IIP expertises in manufacturing multistage split casing pumps (BB3
  • Iran is the forth(4th) country in the world who can manufactre Submersible 6kv LPG Cryogenic pump

Test & Lab Department

Test & Lab Department

This department has two subsidiary departments:

Test Department
Lab Department
IIP`s Workshop for testing pumps functions, is one of the largest and most accurate testing lab for pumps in country. The workshop has equipped with four separate test tank to perform different functional tests. The capacity of largest tank is about 500,000 liters and pumps functional testing is available for 25,000 cubic meters. The test department is equipped with 48-inch pipe for tolerating 100 Bar pressure and also equipped with the3 MW power in a voltage of 400 volts, 3300 V, 6000 V and 11,000 V.

All important tests such as Hydrostatic, Performance, Mechanical Running and NPSH tests for Centrifugal pumps for tests can be done in this workshop. Important hydraulic and mechanical parameters of pumps such as flow measurement, head, NPSH, power, efficiency, vibration, temperature and sound level will be measured with accurate measurement tools.

Also IIP`s laboratory is the most equipped laboratory complex in Iran in pumps field and has different equipment’s for materials test (destructive and non-destructive Tests) and dimensional inspection for different parts. All precision dimensional measuring instruments, reading devices and equipment for measuring mechanical, hydraulic parameters and material identification in the laboratory have been provided. The laboratory is equipped with devices to determine the elements made quanta parts and precision microscope to detect two phase structure in steel, As well as test facilities for PT, MT and UT Tests . Also approved specialists ASNT Institute for Non-destructive testing is another advantage of this Department.

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