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  • (IIP expertises in manufacturing multistage split casing pumps (BB3
  • Iran is the forth(4th) country in the world who can manufactre Submersible 6kv LPG Cryogenic pump

Engineering Department

Engineering Department

The engineering unit of Iran Industrial pumps factory includes the following sections:

Technical Documentation Engineering
Modeling and Mapping of CADCAM Engineering
Manufacturing engineering
Sealing Systems Engineering
Engineering unit of Iran Industrial Pumps factory has been created by about 80 engineers with PhD, master and bachelor degree in mechanical, metallurgy, industry, power and control engineering which are cooperating with using the latest achievements of modern science in turbomachinery design and related facilities as well as enjoying the latest updated engineering software in the world.

The activities of this Engineering unit is very spread which includes the calculation of materials and manufacturing components, creating construction drawings, preparation of the production process, the design of required components for manufacturing process, providing the assembly process, the design and preparation of engineering documents, as well as cooperation in the developing the test procedures and pump`s parts delivery.

Also producing pumps` engineering documentation (Documentation) for delivery to customer`s operation and engineering department is one of the most important activities which are done by engineering department of Iran Industrial Pumps Company.

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