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  • I.I.P Factory view in Hashtgerd Industrial City
  • I.I.P Factory machine shop
  • (IIP expertises in manufacturing multistage split casing pumps (BB3
  • Iran is the forth(4th) country in the world who can manufactre Submersible 6kv LPG Cryogenic pump


General Information :

IV6 series pumps are radially-split, mult-stages,high pressure, vertical can pumps.
Double-casing diffuser or ring section vertically suspended pumps shall be designated pump type VS6 in API610 standard.

Applications :

They are particularly used whenever systems provide low holding pressure head levels (NPSH).
These pumps are suitable for pumping clean and slightly polluted liquids. The permissible operating pressures and permissible operating temperatures depend upon the material specification.

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