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  • I.I.P Factory view in Hashtgerd Industrial City
  • I.I.P Factory machine shop
  • (IIP expertises in manufacturing multistage split casing pumps (BB3
  • Iran is the forth(4th) country in the world who can manufactre Submersible 6kv LPG Cryogenic pump
The IOH1 pumps have been developed to meet the rigorous requirements of API-610. The casing is end suction, top delivery centerline mounted type (OH2 type according to API-610) to withstand nozzle loads. The rotating assembly is designed for back pull-out to prevent disturbing the driver, suction and discharge piping connections. Rugged shaft design is well within the API-610 shaft deflection and run out criteria.
General Industrial Applications, Pump Stations, Power Plant feed water pumps
This model of pump type OH2 pumps are according to API610 standard . For a horizontal overhang pump shaft and the pump is placed in the center of the base. Back pull-out design of the rotor as not to disturb the drive system and plumbing fittings prevent pump suction and discharge during repairs.
Hydrocarbon and chemical processing, power plants, paper industry, water supply and general industry
The IOH3 series of in-line vertical centrifugal pumps are provided with stainless steel hydraulic components. The inline layout of these pumps offers simplified pipe work arrangements, space-saving installation.
Water works, irrigation, pressure boosting systems, fire fighting jockey pumps .
Axially split casing with suction and discharge flanges in lower half, allows access to rotating element without disturbing piping or driver. Impeller is double suction type for hydraulic balance. All impellers are dynamically balanced to give smooth running and lower maintenance cost. Replaceable wear rings protect the casing at the impeller running clearances. High head pumps are also fitted with replaceable impeller wear rings.
Water works, irrigation and drainage, pumping stations, industrial water supply systems, fire fighting systems, marine applications .
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