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  • I.I.P Factory view in Hashtgerd Industrial City
  • I.I.P Factory machine shop
  • (IIP expertises in manufacturing multistage split casing pumps (BB3
  • Iran is the forth(4th) country in the world who can manufactre Submersible 6kv LPG Cryogenic pump

Procurement Management

Contracts organized in the form of different projects and project managers track circulate in EPC system cooperate with commercial department to integrate the principles of the communication with sub vendors and sellers the processes inquiries Tender closer monitoring is buying process take action.
Purchasing management and logistics processes in accurate being possible registration and purchase automation and optimization of logistics and commercial interaction within the organization's internal and external aims to optimize the organization's relationship with providers of goods and services in local market or abroad, . The ultimate goal of project management, procurement and logistics, finishing, timely delivery and quality of the project.

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